AP (Advanced Placement) Calculus AB

Most concepts in AB Calculus AB are covered in Calculus 30 course. For videos pertaining to Calculus 30 please see the Calculus 30 Course page

AP Calculus AB concepts (beyond Calc 30)

We will use Stewart Text “Calculus a First Course” (same as Calculus 30 textbook last semester); in addition, certain concepts can be found in “Calculus Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic” Third Edition by Finney, Demana, Waits, and Kennedy

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”

Paul Halmos

Online calculator (Mathway Calculator Widget)

Mr. Maxwell’s Syllabi and Outline

Semester 1 Syllabus (Calc 30 / AP Calc AB joint class)
Semester 2 – AP Calculus AB 30L Syllabus and outline
  • Calculus 30L Derivative of Inverse B asn’tdocx (Doc drive)
  • Calculus 30L Derivatives of Inverse Functions Quiz trig and regular fxns (Doc drive)
Unit 1 Exam – Mar 6 / 23

Unit 2

AP Calc 30L: Fundamental theorem Part 1 and 2

Finney p 302 #1-16

Calc 30L Ave Value Fundamental Theorem QUIZ

AP Calculus (30L) – Riemann Sums

Finney Text
p. 270 #5, 6, 18
p. 282 Quick Rev. #1-6, Ex. #1,3,5,41-45

–Calc 30L-Summation-Notation-QUIZ MAX

Squeeze Theorem

Homework: Finney p. 68 #59-61

Unit 2 Exam: Mar 22 / 23

Unit 3

-Calc 30L Quiz Slope Fields and Diff Eq

Euler’s Method

Euler’s Method (Finney p. 325)
P. 328 #41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 50, 53

Unit 3 Exam: Apr 19 / 23

Unit 4

AP Calculus 30L – Volumes Solids Revolution_Cross Sections Asn’t 2021
Unit 4 Exam: April 26 / 23

AP Calculus AB Exam Practice (Apr 26 – May 8)

AP Exam Date: MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024 8 AM LOCAL


Independent Student Project – approx. 6 hours class time will be given. Project and presentations Due : Second last day of classes (June 17) . Presentations options to be discussed with Mr. Maxwell. Presentations will occur in class June 17 and 18. See document for ideas and instructions. Ideas must be from approved list in document.

Advanced Topics – not included in AP Calculus AB

Unit 5 – Cylindrical Shells

AP Calc 30L: Cylindrical Shell Method – Volumes of Solids of Revolution


Part 1 -Online text #1-7, 15-18 (even questions for hand in)

Part 2 -Online text #9-14, 21-26, 29-32 (even questions for hand in)

Additional text Questions

Finney p. 407 #7-10 Solve using Cylindrical Shell Method – compare with Disc / Washer Method from previous asn’t

Finney p. 407 #33-38

Unit 6 – Advanced Integration Techniques

Unit 6 Exam: June 14 / 23


Over the years students have created some incredible final projects, here are a few of them;)

Matraca’s Calculus Rap Battle

L’Hopital’s Rule Lesson – Ms. Sandstra

Calculus 30L – Mr. Liu – Trigonometric Substitution Indefinite Integrals

Thomas’s Calculus Infomercial

University Calculus

If you have taken this class, I am assuming you will be taking University Calculus at some point… please feel free to explore the videos and the lab manual exercises below for practice and preparation.