Health Science 20

This is a pre-requisite course to Biology 30 and is very useful if you are considering a career in a medical field. We will be using a series of notes and power points to communicate information as well as making use of CK-12 online textbooks and assessments.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Outcomes for Health Science 20


Unit 1 – Lesson 1 – History of Healthcare

**Credit for the following notes and materials to teachers Chris Reed and Bob Webb (from RCS – Regina, Saskatchewan)

Health Care Timeline
  • Our first lesson will consist of a class created google slide presentation on the Global Historical Timeline of Health Care. Instructions in the document below.
    • Due date for this project timeline is Feb 6 / 2024

Asn’t 1 – Health Care Timeline project google slide LINK

*The notes (below) will be handed out in class but if you lose your copy you may download (below) and use the copy of the PowerPoint used in class (below) to fill in the blanks for the classes you may have missed.

Unit 1 – Lesson 2 – Western and Alternative Medicine

Unit 1 – Lesson 3 – The Ethics of Healthcare



Instructional Lesson by Mr. Maxwell
  • Terms Quiz

Assignment 2.1 Human Body | CK12

Google Body Browser


Unit 3 – Integumentary System

Assignment 3.1 Skin | CK12

Assignment 3.2 Nails and Hair | CK12

Assignment 4.1 Circulatory System | CK12

Assignment 4.2 Heart | CK12


ECG Station Activity Class Set.pdf

ECG Station Activity.pdf

ECG Station Activity Worksheet.pdf

Assignment 4.3 Blood Vessels | CK12

Asn’t 4.4 Blood | CK12

Asn’t 4.5 Blood Type | CK12

Unit 5 – Respiratory System Slides

Unit 6 – Immune and Lymphatic Systems Slides

Unit 7 – Muscular System Slides

Unit 8 – Skeletal System Slides

Unit 9 – Nervous System Slides

Unit 10 – Digestive System Slides

Unit 11 – Urinary System NOTES

Unit 12 – Endocrine System Slides