As we all travel this uncertain road of Teacher sanctions please know that your teachers will do everything they can to help you understand what you are meant to learn and that we’ll get through this together. Don’t give up! Keep watching Mr. Maxwell videos to stay up-to-date. God bless, Mr. M.

ZOOM tutorial Friday Feb 16, 2024 2-3pm

HI! If any of you want some math or science help on Friday Feb 16 from 2-3pm, feel free to join my ZOOM meeting! Open to all 😉

MR. MATHWELL is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Jeff Maxwell Zoom
Time: 2-3PM CST, Feb 16/24

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 766 5733 7440
Passcode: mrmathwell

Thursday Feb 8/24

STF Teacher Sanctions have been suspended so it is a normal school day Feb 8/24. Hopefully negotiations are fruitful and there will be no more interruption of our classes. God Bless – see you tomorrow, Mr. M

Finals 2024

Finals run from Jan 25-30, 2024. Please check the exam schedule to find out when your final exam will be held. All exams start at 9am (afternoon exams start at 1:00pm). Earned options forms are available online as google forms (links at the bottom of your course page.) You may also print one out and submit a hard copy to your teacher. They are due Thursday Jan 19 at noon. God Bless you – Mr. M

December 2023

Hi Everyone! Please remember to be generous this Christmas season. There are so many people around us that are needy, lonely, and sad. Use your smarts this holiday season to recognize the needs of others and spread some joy; just as Christ did when he came to earth to save us. Merry Christmas and may God Bless you in the coming year! (Luke 2)

Mr. MathWell

June 2023!!

Recent events in Mr. MathWell’s life…

Short term missions trip to Guatemala to support a school that our school has built! It was an amazing trip!

I performed alongside my 3 daughters in the musical Peter Pan at Darke Hall as Captain Hook!

Looking forward to school being over in just a few short weeks… aren’t you!??


I believe in you!!

Mr. M

Finals – June 2022!

Hoping for a great finals week for all my viewers! Remember to watch my Review videos and teaching videos for concepts that you struggle with. My thoughts and prayers are with you – God Bless you this week! Mr. M

March 2022

Happy PI Day March 14th!! Month – 3, day = 14 so that’s 3.14… I would like you to note at exactly 1:59 is when the celebration is to occur… yes that’s right… 3.14159! Have an excellent rest of the month!