June 2023!!

Recent events in Mr. MathWell’s life…

Short term missions trip to Guatemala to support a school that our school has built! It was an amazing trip!

I performed alongside my 3 daughters in the musical Peter Pan at Darke Hall as Captain Hook!

Looking forward to school being over in just a few short weeks… aren’t you!??


I believe in you!!

Mr. M

Finals – June 2022!

Hoping for a great finals week for all my viewers! Remember to watch my Review videos and teaching videos for concepts that you struggle with. My thoughts and prayers are with you – God Bless you this week! Mr. M

March 2022

Happy PI Day March 14th!! Month – 3, day = 14 so that’s 3.14… I would like you to note at exactly 1:59 is when the celebration is to occur… yes that’s right… 3.14159! Have an excellent rest of the month!

January 2022 Final Exams

Final exams will be held at the school this year. If you are under isolation order or are experiencing symptoms of Covid – 19 please contact Mr. Maxwell asap for alternate exam arrangements. Congratulations- the end is almost near!! Mr.M

Zoom exams

due to Covid concerns Mr Maxwell will be offering zoom proctored exams for students isolating at the end of this semester (Jan 2022) due to Covid. Please watch for a message through Edsby for zoom information. Zoom exams will occur at the same time as exams written in class if you are well enough. If you are not well enough please have your parents email me and we’ll arrange a time outside of class for you to write when you return. God Bless, Mr Maxwell


For all of Mr. Maxwell’s students – our school division has moved to Edsby for grading, reporting, and most communication with students and parents. Please ACTIVATE YOUR EMAIL on your child’s account so I can communicate with you (if you are a parent guardian of my students this year).

Back to School 2021/2022

Hello to all Mr. MathWell viewers! Hope you had a great summer!! Please feel free to check out the new material on as I continue to develop courses and videos for students, parents, and teachers to watch and use in furthering understanding of math and science. I’ll be adding GR .9 SCIENCE to the list of courses this year. Hope you have a great year even though we may not be fully back to pre-pandemic conditions. You can do it! Hopefully I can help… Mr. MathWell