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In these UNCERTAIN TIMES there is a place you can go to get MATH / SCIENCE help ANYTIME you NEED it! That place is right here…!

Since 2015 I have been recording instructional videos and creating materials to help students through high school math and science classes. Over 1600 resources and videos are FREE of charge on this website. I have been teaching for 22 years in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am continually adding videos and resources on the COURSES page for students, teachers and parents.

Each section and concept is organized and links prepared to help any student in any class find help from MR. MATHWELL!!

Mr. MathWell getting pommeled in the DODGEBALL GAUNTLET!


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Finals January 2022

Congratulations on the successful semester! Hope your final go well!

Final Exams will be held in the school Jan 25-28 2022. If you are isolating due to public health order or are experiencing symptoms of Covid, please contact Mr. Maxwell to make alternate arrangements. Exams may be written remotely but will have to be picked up from the office one day ahead of scheduled exam time. God Bless, Mr. M

Mr. MathWell’s videos are a combination of live classroom instruction, chapter and concept summaries, and individual homework questions. Find these helpful videos on

Finals January 2023

Hi Students! As you study for finals, please watch all review videos I have made for your course, and watch videos for sections that you struggled with. I would also suggest playing some math games or doing some extra practice online. I will include a couple of my favourite links! Study hard!

Finals – June 2022!

Hoping for a great finals week for all my viewers! Remember to watch my Review videos and teaching videos for concepts that you struggle with. My thoughts and prayers are with you – God Bless you this week! Mr. M

March 2022

Happy PI Day March 14th!! Month – 3, day = 14 so that’s 3.14… I would like you to note at exactly 1:59 is when the celebration is to occur… yes that’s right… 3.14159! Have an excellent rest of the month!

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