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The easiest way to find instructional videos and materials that Mr. MathWell has created is to visit the courses page on this website. From there you can navigate specific courses and sections where you will find links to videos and buttons to download notes and assignments!!

How To Search a Mr. MathWell video on YouTube:

If you want to search a topic just type the topic followed my MATHWELL in the YouTube search space.

If you would like to search a specific class and section, then first remember each video begins with the course abreviation. For example PreCalculus 30 is “PC 30”. On Mr. MathWell youtube (or on the playlist for the class below), search the course, then the section. Sections correspond to the chapters and sections in your textbook.

So If I wanted to find the instruction, review, or homework examples for section 4.2 in my PreCalculus 30 class, search: “Mathwell PC 30 4.2”. This will get you to all the videos associated with that section that I have made.

(NOTE: some of the videos may be “duplicates” from a previous year… I would just watch the newest video but if you want to see it from a slightly different perspective just watch a video from a few years ago. They won’t be identical and maybe I’ve said things just a little differently – or used slightly different examples that might make a light go on for you!!! For this reason I haven’t deleted ALL my older videos!)

Math courses (course abbreviations)

Foundations Math 10, 20, and 30 (FM 10, FM 20, FM 30)

PreCalculus 20, and 30 (PC 20, PC 30)

Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20, and 30 (WA 20, WA 30)

Calculus 30 (Calc 30)

Advanced Placement Calculus AB (AP Calc 30, Calc 30L)

Math 9 (Math 9)

Science courses include:

Physical Science 20 (PS 20)

Chemistry 30 (Chem 30)

Science 9 (Sc 9)

From you tube search “mathwell…” then “course abbrev” and “section number” from textbook, or “concept”


Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10

Calculus / AP Calculus AB

Foundations 20

Pre-Calculus 30

Chemistry 30

Pre-Calculus 20

Foundations of Math 30

Physical Science 20

Math 9

Check out even more videos on YouTube!!

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