Courses page being ammended

I am working on the COURSES page, see the VIDEOS page for links to my YouTube videos. There will be links and materials assembled on the Courses page as time allows me this semester. Thanks!!

Quint – a – mesters!!?

…For those in Regina and other regions that will be experiencing the “Quints” (5 ‘semesters’ in instead of 2) you will have 2 classes per day (for about 35 days), one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each class will be roughly 2.5 hours. This means that you will receive the same amount of instructional time but instead of 1 hour classes (normal), you will be learning and practicing roughly 2-3 ‘classes’ each day. Your teachers will do their best to deliver this amount of material in a way that will not be an overload for you, but you must know that it will be intense! We are confident that we can do this TOGETHER!! God Bless, Mr. Maxwell

First Day Teachers back!!

Hey All! Teachers are back today (Aug 27) and we are working hard to make this back to school thing safe and manageable… we’re going to be ok!! Have a good one 😉


My email is [email protected] -if you have questions about this coming year and how Mr. MathWell can help, please email me! I love hearing from hungry students and caring parents!