Remote Learning Extended

As Remote learning is extended in Regina and area for most school divisions, students will be learning virtually until at least May 3, 2021. Let’s all pray that this virus comes under control so we can get back to the classroom! Thank you to all the students AND parents and families for continuing to reach forward to accomplish your academic goals through this difficult time! We can do it!! Mr. MathWell

Remote Learning 2.0

Here we are back again exactly one year later learning from Home… it’s a tough road but we will MAKE IT!! Keep watching the videos and working hard – we’ll come out of it soon enough. Take care and stay healthy everyone. God Bless, Mr. M

Here’s to 2021!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas break! I wish you all the best in 2021… much success and happiness! I am teaching PreCaculus 20 and Calculus 30 right now so check out those pages for my newest material!! If you’re going to do math, do MATHWELL!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Congratulations for surviving this past year! Here’s hoping that 2021 is a brighter more positive year and that life can get back to normal! I pray that each of you are able to enjoy some downtime this holiday and are ready to go when we return to school. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Have to stay home and learn!?

Watch mrmathwell videos and leave me a comment! I hope that you can all make it through til Christmas! I am proud of all my students, and those students all over the country that are learning from home and staying strong through all this. BRAVO!

First Quint almost over!

Finish strong everyone!! For those of you in regular semesters I hope that midterms go well for you. For those of us in the Quint model, the 1st of 5 Quints ends next Wed Oct 28.

Have a great weekend!

October 5 / 20

We are officially half way through the first Quint-a-mester! 17 days through the first 34 day section here in Regina. If you are experiencing difficulties in math or science, contact Mr. MathWell to inquire about online tutors! Mr. M has former students and quality university students from UofR that are interested in helping!! Fill out the contact form on the contacts page!

Yorkton School closure…

My heart goes out to staff and students in Yorkton dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19. If anyone needs help with Math or Science going forward please visit me on youtube (mr mathwell) or my website Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your students and their families as we all struggle to keep safe and keep life going forward in a positive direction!

Second Week of School

Are we getting used to the new rules yet?? Have patience and keep being as safe as you can. Our covid numbers are pretty good in Regina! Have a great second week of school… God Bless, Mr. Maxwell